Magic can be found
anywhere because it is everywhere, and sometimes where we least expect it.

Be curious. Explore the
world around you as
well as within.

Find your path and let it weave your life into a rich tapestry of experiences.

Live the magic.




Explore the magic that surrounds you
and make it part of your life.


Star Magic
A guide to exploring the constellations from a modern Wiccan/Pagan perspective


Llewellyn's Complete Book
of Correspondences

A comprehensive and cross-referenced resource for Pagans and Wiccans


Mixing Essential Oils
for Magic

A straightforward guide for choosing essential oils to create your own blends for magic. (more...)



Celebrate the Wheel of the Year

A Year of Ritual
A complete sourcebook for the
celebration of sabbats and esbats designed for solitaries and covens. (more...)

Flow with Mother Ocean

Sea Magic
A new way to define and deepen your inner journey by connecting with the ocean's energy. (more...)

Connect with the wisdom of the forest

Whispers from the Woods
Explore a range of methods for accessing the energy and wisdom of the forest. (more...)


Other books include:

Change at Hand - A unique blend of palmistry and energy work. (more...)
Your Altar -
A guide to using your altar as a tool for self-exploration and spiritual growth. (more...)
Pagan Feng Shui - Bridging East and West to harness the power of the elements. (more...)

All are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online shops
as well as brick and mortar stores.
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